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Design Guide - How To Design An Urn

How To Use Our Design Studio for Cremation Urns:


Here is a short video showing how to use the main features of the urn designer.



1) First you will need to navigate to a product page. In this example we are in Box Urns -> Integrity.
You will need to click on the picture that says "Click here to design" (This button is shown in the picture below)



After Pressing "Click here to design" the design studio will open in your current browser. Our design studio makes it very simple to design your own urn. You can add text, clip art, and your own pictures of your loved one directly to the urn and see exactly how the layout of your wood urn will be in real time.





How To add Text To Your Design



1) Click on the "Text / Shapes" tab

2) Select Your Font

3) Enter the text you want to add to your urn

4) Click the "Add Text" Button

5) Resize and Position your text on the urn




How To Add Clipart To Your Design


1) Click the "Clip Art" Button

2) Select the Clip Art from the category would like to add.

3) Position and Size your Clip Art





How To Add a Picture To Your Design


1) Click on the "Upload Art" tab

2) Be sure that you have the rights to use the image you are uploading. You CANNOT use copyrighted images without explicit written permission from the copyright holder. If you upload a picture that we recognize as a copyrighted image we will contact you asking for proof of permission to use the copyright image. To expedite this process you could provide an e-mail address or telephone number where we can contact the copyright holder to verify you have permission.

3) Once you select the picture you want to upload, position and size your picture


How To Add a Poem To Your Design

1) Click on the Design Templates Button on the menu

2) Find a poem that you would like to use from our list.

3) Click "Use This Design" on the bottom of that poem. This will open our designer with the poem you have selected already loaded into the designer.

4) To Change the urn that the poem is on, click "Products" then select the item that you would like the poem to be engraved on.


5) Position the poem however you would like it to appear on the urn

6) After you have your poem on the urn that you're designing you can edit all aspects of the text, from positioning, to alignment, the font, the size, bold, itallics, you can even edit the text of the poem using the designer.

6) Finish designing the urn as usual.