Create an account before you design an urn to save your designs!

Tips and Hints


Tips and Hints



Set up an account (There is no obligation in doing this, this is done to save your designs, so that you can come back at a later time and pick up were you left off).


(Heads up - once an urn is designed and paid for no changes can be made except for us changing the pictures to sketches.)


We provide the urns as a canvas for your designs, we try to remove ourselves from influencing your designs. This is your urn.


At this time we do not provide design services. We are unable to preview your design until your urn is purchased. Please assure that the design you compose is the design that you would like. We only provide image alteration service.


When you pick an urn to design. You will notice the lids at the bottom of the product page. These are are there simply for engraving purpose, since we charge $25.00 per panel engraving, the top of the lid and inside lid are there for your engraving.


For your convenience, your price will increase in increments of 25.00, This way you control the final estimate.


Although we tried to provide as many clip arts as possible, and we will continue adding more, feel free to add whatever clip art you desire, as long as it is not a trademark or logo. ( you must provide proof of approval.)


When it comes to adding pictures to your urn, some are to difficult to use, but we will try to follow your wishes and will send your proofs to you for your approval. We turn all pictures to sketches, this allows for the best contrast and well defines the picture.


Also you can write notes and draw pictures to add to your design, for added personalization. Simply scan your note or drawing as a picture to your computer, and place it in the desired spot on the urn. (again we will verify and convert for your approval.


If you should have any questions, there is a “chat with us tab” or “contact us tab” by right clicking on the + sign our staff can help you or send you an e- mail.


We have added design templates that you can use, although they are rather generic, the purpose of these are simply to get you started once in the designer you can remove what ever you don't want and add what you do. The whole idea is that this is your memorial and should reflect what you want to say.


Several poems have been added to the design templates, that you can use, we have placed them there so you can read them before choosing. If there is a poem that you can't read, simply choose the template, enlarge the poem, if you don't want to use the poem just remove or close the designer.


If you would like to seal your urn we provide a small package of silicone with every order. Simply put a small dab on the four corners and press firmly and allow to dry. This will close your urn but should allow you to open in the future with minimal risk of damaging your urn.





This page is where you get to personalize your urn, We are very excited to introduce to our clients a program that allows them to express their own impression for their loved ones urn exactly the way they intended. Including very own signature and or drawing. In other words, other than converting your pictures, we take a hands off approach to your design.


In the designer there are many choices you can make. By using the following screen shot and the following explanations, we hope that we can make easy for you to create that perfect urn.


  • PRODUCTS- allows to to shift from one urn to another to see how your design would look on the different urns.
  • TEXT & SHAPES- Allows you to type names dates ext. to your urn. Simply right click in the box below it. When you are done. Press add text, and it will show up on the urn, now you are ready to move it to were ever you want it, you can even enlarge or shrink the text.
  • CLIP ART- allows you to add our section of available clip art, once opened you can select the category of clip art. Right click on the clip and it will appear on the urn. Again as with the text you can move and re size to your liking.
  • UPLOAD ART – This is were you can personalize your urn. By pressing upload art, you can add personal pictures or notes or drawings that you have scanned onto your computer. And place them your urn. (of course pictures or scans will need to be altered for laser engraving purpose so we will need you authorize proofs beforehand. (HINT- if your are to write a note with signature. Please use a sharpie pen on a plain white paper. Also check spelling. )


You will notice below every urn, there are other sides of the urn so that you can design all four sides of your urn and by using the product button you can design the lid for your urn.

  • CHANGE PRODUCT COLORS- (Not available at this time)- In the future we will be offering all four urns with all four wood species so that you can see what your urn will look like on the different woods. For now we have to show is popular wood.
  • LOAD- this button allows you to down load any previous designs you have made ( you be signed into your account for this to happen, other wise this button will not appear.)
  • SAVE DESIGN- of course allows you to save any design for you to return to later.
  • BUY NOW- Once you are satisfied with your design, you can purchase your urn.
    • Move object above/ Move object below- these buttons allow you to objects above or below other objects to get more control of the designer process.
  • REMOVE- allows you to remove objects off the urn. You simply right click on the product you want to remove and press remove, you can also press delete for same result.


Remember, unless you set up an account you will not be able to save any of your designs (again there is no obligation to you and no one can see your designs unless the urn is purchased. We cannot perform any photo design until an urn is purchased. Another feature that was recently added was the ability to share your designs with others on face book and twitter.