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How We Laser Engrave Photos

How we convert your picture to use on a wood urn

For this example we will use the picture that we've previously engraved.


We open the picture that you have uploaded and start off by doing any repair work that may need to be done (tears in the picture, color correction, removing an unwanted person from the picture etc. Be sure to include any special instructions regarding the picture in the comments/special isntructions box when ordering!) Then we convert the image to a black-and-white form that is more laser engraver friendly.



Converted Picture



This picture is an example of the proof we would send you to confirm that the picture is to your liking. Once we receive approval on this proof we use a laser to engrave your design to your wood urn.



Below is an example of a finished product engraved on a wood urn.

Picture Engraved On Wood