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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy a wood urn from the funeral home or can I buy my own?

Federal Trade Commission consumer protection laws require funeral homes to use what the consumer provides. You have the right to choose the funeral goods, including the urns, you want.


What size wood Urn do I need?

Please follow these simple rules: What was the approximate body weight of the person you are purchasing the cremation wood urn for. Cremation Urns are listed in cubic inches. 1 pound of body weight = 1 cubic inch of ashes. For example, a cremated 180 pound person will yield approximately 180 cubic inches of ashes.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders can be sent out within 48 hours of proof approval. If you submit pictures with your order you will be sent a proof. You must reply to this proof e-mail for our records confirming that you are satisfied with the picture. Shipping time varies depending on the shipping speed and carrier that you select at check out.


How do I get the ashes into the wood urn?

Ashes come in a plastic bag, within a plastic box from the crematory and one can transfer the plastic bag from one cremains container to another fairly easily, usually without removing the ashes from the urn. In most cases your cremation facility will gladly put the cremains in your wood urn for you.


How do I seal a wood urn?

Our wood urns open via a removable lid or keepsake cup on the top of the urn. If permanent sealing is desired, a silicone sealant is provided with your order. Use small dabs in each corner and wipe away any excess. If at a later date you wish to unseal your urn, simply use a box cutter or x-acto knife to cut through the sealant.


Will the customizable hand-crafted wood urn I order look exactly like the photo?

Similar, but not exactly the same. Since every customizable hand-crafted wood urn is hand-made, no two pieces are exactly alike. There are always minor variations in color and design from piece to piece. These variations are the hallmark of fine hand-crafted wood urns. We would like to point out that the color in the photos may vary from computer to computer. Not all computer monitors are calibrated to the same standard., so the product you receive may vary slightly in color from the photo on your monitor.


Can I use any image that I want to on the urn I'm building?

You can only use images that are not registered trademarks or copywritten on your urn. If you would like to use a image that has a copyright (e.g. a sports team) you would need to contact the company that holds the copyright and receive written permission with contact information that we can verify before we can engrave the picture for you.