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Dimensions:10″ Tall, 7" wide, 7″ deep.

Capacity: 270 Pounds.


Majesty - Great and impressive dignity


The Majesty personalized wood urn is just as it suggests; majestic. Standing ten inches tall and being seven inches in width and length, the Majesty offers a look of great and impressive dignity. It is carefully handmade with 100% real wood. With choices such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, and poplar, it can be made to suit the tastes of any customer. A felt lined keepsake tray is included with every urn. The keepsake tray is perfect for keeping personal mementos from your loved one.


Capacity Dimensions
270 Pounds 10″ Tall, 7″ wide, 7″ deep
$35 Per Panel Laser Engraved


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